Dena Merlino Scott, Jamie Leigh Matteucci, & Victoria McConnell are professionals in their respective fields, & Elan Creative is their their dynamic project collaboration.

Elan Creative combines story telling, make-up effects, & photography to build complete, original artistic expressions!

Elan Creative Projects

Girl Gang: Taking Back the Neon Night

Girl Gang Dena Merlino
Shortcake, Grease, Marbles & Vega were a force of female resplendence, Girl Gang glowing in the gleam of their combined manifest destiny.

Silhouette Story

Silhouette Story
“Balanced on the binding of her book, monumental on the mountain of her own making, Everything is the triumphant tale: all the stars are her stage, & Everything is producer & player.”

 Cold Creation, Iridescent Iris, Aurora’s Aura

Winter 19 Flash Fiction

“Wissahickon Portraits”

Head Aflame

Head Aflame
“Lightening cracked her mental scene as Clara slid her eyes & padded stool over to the closed window, admiring her glassy burning appearance against cascading sheets of rain, in the pool of her eyes, in the pretty of her life, & vibrated within the vision of the multiple mirrors of self.”

The Hermit of the Wissahickon

Hermit of the Wissahickon
“Leaving the cloistered tabernacle behind, Kelpius ventured farther into the Wissahickon woods, climbing the rocky deciduous into himself, while exploring the eternal evergreen of the universe.”

Tombstone Shadow

Tombstone Shadow
“The Gravedigger worked all night, digging, picking and lifting. He was the worm in the casket & stole his way into Laurel Hill’s final rest.”

Sea, Wind, Moon, & Stars

Sea Wind Moon Stars
“Galatea is her own light & her life is art itself.”

Dinner With the Jersey Devil 

Dinner With The Jersey Devil
“Her fairness wept into the darkness & she wore only white silk & shimmering underthings, substantial as a wisp of smoke in a room of rusty lust.”