“Cold Creation”

When the Ice Goddess cried, sultry tears burned her frozen face, rivulets ran down her etched cheeks in the forever moment of the frozen.
The Ice Goddess didn’t cry in agony or heartbreak, she did because she beautifully felt from her eyes to her heart, & for that she made wonders for the world. She revealed passages & vistas the lush greens covered, & filled the secret landscapes of the bare & barren with the select songs of the brave. She was cozy in a way most never are, comfortable in an atmosphere of her cold creation.

“Aurora’s Aura”

Aurora’s aura was magnetic light infused with intention, atmosphere blended with energy. Midnight eyes & sunrise heart were both beginning & ending as she enjoyed the eternal polar opposite of living enlightened in the world’s now. Aurora absorbed then refracted glow off of the sweaty sun into the neon nectar of herself.

”Iridescent Iris”

Iris, the mythic messenger, is solidly rooted in the rainbow shimmer of the spectrum. Like a bright blossom, Iris is active valor & majestic wisdom, a golden afternoon embodied through aperture. Iris’ iridescent appearance, radiating from her kaleidoscopic eyes and heart, is hope’s brilliant glow.


Jamie Leigh Make Up Artistry

Victoria Luxx Photography

Savannah Lillian