“Galatea is her own light & her life is art itself.”

Sea Wind Moon Stars

Pygmalion is the story of the artist who created the statue, & when statue was blessed with life & love, she was called Galatea.

Galatea, the model, the beloved, & now, the woman, full of decisions, ideas, & potential.

Galatea is here now, so she no longer needs her creator. She is to become a creator herself, who accepts smiles & lives & sometimes grieves, but always escapes today for tomorrow, with yesterday a shadow at high noon, pooled around her feet, slowing the walk forever; outside of clock & outside of sand, time is a story.

Galatea steps out of the world & into the wind & the emotions attached to every individual element of her beautiful nature are provoked, excited by feeling the floating fabric of the skirts surrounding her skin. She feels her physical consciousness within her flesh’s delicate psychology. Galatea dresses in complicated monotone, the finery found in the elements themselves. The textiles that grace the long lines of Galatea’s fine frame catch wind & snap alive, the sensitive filaments of feeling fabric.

Galatea sacrifices a piece of her private human condition, the gift of the individual, flooding the chasm of endless pools, when she takes to smooth ink running over a curl of fibrous paper: Galatea’s prose a wave of foamy language & tides pulling interesting sentences across shores with celestial regularity. She is the scroll of letters into paragraphs, into songs of delight, a time-honoured self-telling entertainment talent. Stories woven for friends & scholars, words that build the chapters of me & mine, body & mind, soul a story foretold, told, & telling.

The waves crash & spray, & send answer by post to the sea’s terrible cries for more wind, more water, more words!

Sea Wind Moon Stars

Galatea gives herself up in syllables, & as the pieces float away on the gauzy wings of wind, they bluster together & dance high above the sea, with the combination of winds & words, an all-together new formation beginning.

Galatea is her own light & her life is art itself. She is the sun that creates beams to reflect, enabling vision.

Galatea’s camera lens is the moon, refracting & capturing & casting light: Galatea shares her sight, her eye keen for the special buried inside shadow. The moon sees the entire world all at once & makes her eyes hungry for more. Galatea’s lens a satellite for flashing beams to capture a moment already gone in a world that never sits still. Moon for more, moon to pull the beams of lighting, moon to control the sea, which is already dancing in the wind.

Galatea is formed of the action of love & beauty, & now with feelings of wind, sea, & moon curling inside her excitement, her insides of soul & spirit become full of sparkling, glittering, astral thrill. Her skin, which had provoked her epiphany of sensation, feels wonderous against the moon’s breeze, & shines from the mist of the sea, but also vibrates with the shimmer of joy.

The apples of her cheeks lite up to glow & lips flash a smile the color of love & life itself. Galatea’s eyes radiate a confident joy only found in women whose bodies are stars, shimmering with self.

Sea Wind Moon Stars

As the sea, wind, moon, & stars unfurl the powerful pull of natures combined, they fabricate the pieces pulled from Galatea’s creations, the snippets of herself she gave to see, be active in, reveal, & interpret: her pieces of art swirl on the same Jetstream & become something entirely new: Galatea’s body of work composes her body, so she sheds herself & step into herself.

The wrap covering her shoulders is lifted by the wind, & she catches it over her head, her body covered in a caress, a sheen of beautiful movement in picturesque words. Galatea, in her reverence for creating, becomes part of the perfect portrait of the synthesis the sea, wind, moon, & stars, forever developing & changing, terrible & merciless at times, but always becoming more.

Sea Wind Moon Stars

Creative Team:

Photography:  Victoria McConnell

MUA/FX:  Jamie Leigh Matteucci

Fashion & Fabrics: BlkBts / Shannah Warwick

Set Design: VBM Creations

Model: Shubhangi Tyagi


Sea Wind Moon Stars