The witches laughed horribly, prepared their terrible run amok potions, & hopped on their turkey vultures to fly far above the fall leaves – three witches out to make horrible Halloween last forever.

Once upon a Halloween, there were three sisters, born with great & terrible powers of magic.  Lindzilla, was an old crone but still tall & straight with ancient magic powers.  

Mean Dean could talk to the spirits & raise zombies.

High Priestess Candie was a tiny witch who used sweets to hide her evil potions.  

The three witch sisters had three ugly, loyal animal familiars – turkey vultures that they flew around on who did their every command – named Beardo, Stink, & John. 

Under the full moon, Lindzilla had an idea, “We should go back to our home town & cast a spell to make everyone go totally crazy!”

“Yes, we will change the name from Runnemede to Runnamuck!” screeched Mean Dean, “We will take over ruling the town & destroy everything nice & fun!”

High Priestess Candie screamed, “I will poison all the sweets & all the kids will be pooping for days!”  All the witches laughed horribly, prepared their terrible run amock potions, & hopped on their turkey vultures to fly far above the fall leaves – three witches out to make horrible Halloween last forever.

The town was out in their costumes & having freaky fun when the witches & turkey vultures touched down in the center of the Pike.

“Let’s start right now,” commanded Lindzilla, climbing atop a car’s hood & the first child she saw happened to be very cute, blonde, & getting tall.  His name was Cain, & what the witches didn’t know was that Cain was also very fast, strong, & smart.  What no one knew, not even Cain – was that Cain was also a witch – a boy witch called a warlock!  

High Priestess Candie danced over to Cain & offered him a bag of sweets.  

A gigantic spider crawled out of the bag & said, “Don’t eat the candy, Cain, or you will be pooing forever!”  The spider shot a beautiful net out of her butt & trapped High Priestess Candie & her turkey vulture Stink.  “My name is Lovie Bug & I’m your friend!  I know a secret about you – you can do any kind of magic you want, including if you believe in yourself enough, you will be able to transform!”

Mean Dean saw her witch sister trapped & started casting a spell to raise zombies:  (Sing Along if you want to help!) H. A. Double L. O. W. Double E. N. SPELLS HALLOWEEN

Lovie Bug hopped onto Cain’s shoulder & said, “Hurry!  Stop them from that terrible singing!”

Cain went into his imagination & thought of the best way to stop Mean Dean.  He turned into a huge blue & golden metal fighting robot with a battle axe!  Robot Cain swung his battle axe & chopped Mean Dean & Beardo into disgusting cutlets. 

Lindzilla saw her sisters trapped & sliced & shot lightening at Robot Cain, short circuiting him.

“I’ll get you, Cain!” she screamed, with her nasty turkey vulture John by her side.

“Witches can’t do anything against me,” yelled Cain, who transformed himself into a MEGALADON SHARK & gobbled up all the witches.  

The witches sat trapped in Cain the Shark’s belly all year with no magic and had lots of time to think about how horrible they were.

The next Halloween, Lovie Bug & Cain called down, “Are you three evil witches ready to stop running amok?”

“YES!” They all cried.

So Cain transformed back into a Megalodon Shark & pooped them out.

All three witches were good witches now because they all found out that loving each other was the most important power there was when they had their magic taken away.  

& this love gave them new powers that they were able to share with warlock Cain & Lovie Bug!
Lindzilla taught Cain how to be big, strong, & brave.

Mean Dean showed Cain how to listen to himself & raise his imagination.

High Priestess Candie & Cain had lots of sweet, special treats, laughs, & fun.

The turkey vultures, Beardo, Stink, & John, remained ugly & loyal to the good witches but also the powerful warlock Cain who transformed all the time to have different battles.  

But here is a warning: 

Next time you spell HALLOWEEN, 

be sure you don’t sing & raise the dead 

or Warlock Cain will chop off your head!