Barnes Foundation Student

I was the recipient of a Richard J. Wattenmaker Scholarship & Fall 2019 earned the scholarly achievement of completing the Barnes-de Mazia Certification in the objective Barnes Method.

“These courses, derived from the teachings of Albert Barnes and Violette de Mazia, focus on rigorous close looking and analysis.”

Traditions of Art, William Perthes:  utilizing the Barnes collection as a guide & visual aide, we explored the elements of art through history.  For my final project, working with my Elan Creative team, I infused my flash fiction for “Silhouette Story” with Barnes vocabulary.  I then utilized the plastic understanding of our composition to compare our piece to historic works with similar interest in line, light, color, & space.

Balance, Movement, & Light: “Silhouette Story” Through the Traditions

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Dawn of Modernism, William Perthes, our advanced class delved into the Modernist Movement’s larger impact across disciplines & the developments leading up to, culminating in, & further inspiring. My M.A. is in 20th Century Modernist Literature, so I have a particular interest in this time period. For my final project, I selected readings to pair thematically with Mr. Perthes syllabus to explore the intersections & parallels in Modernist Literary & visual artists’ interest & evolution, in conjunction with Barnes collection & philosophy.

The Dawn of Modernism Literary Companion