As a Development Coordinator, I practice Marketing Management and Content Strategy to create customized content & graphic media to share across platforms with audience, stakeholders, and team members to thoughtfully engage with quality exposure.

By creating genuine, consistent, interesting information about your business, Dena will build an audience who is attracted to the unique value and lifestyle of your brand, growing sincere endorsements and generating meaningful commerce and engagement, with implements including:

  • Writing and delivery of strategic messaging, allowing companies to communicate effectively to compel action that grows business including Marketing, UI, & Instructional Design
  • Applying Analytics to influence customer engagement
  • Brand Development for Web Content:  Business Development, Bios, Photography Catalogue
  • Social Media: GMB, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Survey
  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress & Website Building:  SEO, Blogs
  • Boutique PR Services:  Goal orientated brand development, PR, Press Kits, Submission Applications
  • Promotional Materials: Brochures, Advertisements, Slogans