Join the Lord of Rings Winter 2021 Fellowship & read the epic trilogy!

January: “The Fellowship of the Ring”

February: “The Two Towers”

March:  “The Return of the King”

Everyone is responsible for supplying their own books. Time-wise, each of the 3 books is divided into 2 sections, Volumes 1 – 6, so the page counts are very manageable & able to be caught up on as necessary.

I will provide suggestions for supplemental reading, art, & other materials, including accompanying thought-provoking questions on a Google Doc where we can share as compelled.   

How To Join the Winter 2021 Fellowship

Venmo @denamerlino $10 with your email address & emoji that represents your Middle-earth iconography.  Money collected will be used to buy an awesome Lord of the Rings prize for raffle or trivia winner for those who finish the journey.

Updated list of Winter 2021 Fellowship Members & Middle-earth iconography.

SIGN-UP DEADLINE: December 29, 2020.  I will contact entire group shortly thereafter to connect before January 2021 beginning!

Additional Optional Preliminary Reading

It’s not required to read “The Hobbit” in advance for Lord of the Rings comprehension, but it will potentially heighten your Middle-earth immersion. I am going to read “The Hobbit” the week between Christmas & New Years.

The Similiarian  I will offer an adjusted reading time line to include exploring “The Similiarian” at the end.

Art by John Howe

Houghton Mifflin Study Guide – Tolkien timeline, Quotes on the texts

Symbolism & Motifs

Comprehension Aides: Chapter Summary + Notes as well as the movies!